Meet Dr. Dan Halajcsik

Dr. Daniel Halajcsik has been helping people with their problems since 2006 and opened Edison Square Chiropractic Clinic at Colonial and Fowler in Fort Myers back in 2013. Dr. Dan grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago working in the air conditioning, roofing and construction industry after high school. Working in these industries he learned how physically demanding the job can be day after day and soon acquired his own low back injury. He believes his spinal disc injuries stem from his younger days of sports and racing motorcycles. Competition can come with a price. That’s what sets him apart from most chiropractors is the fact that he understands what people feel. Dr. Dan is also a former daily headache survivor who was “cured” through chiropractic care. Due to his own spinal injuries he went the extra mile with studying the Gonstead Technique and the extra time in learning the intricacy of spinal disc injuries and the pathologies associated with them so that he could help as many people as he can suffering from their own conditions. All without drugs! Yes it’s true. You too can get better without drugs due to the body being a natural healing system.