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Edison Square Chiropractic Clinic provides express Department of Transportation (DOT) Physical exams for any commercial drivers from anywhere in the United States.

DOT exam is performed by a certified FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) Medical Examiner in a professional, comfortable and clean facility. A urinalysis test is also performed during the physical but it is not a drug test.

Do I need to schedule an appointment for a DOT exam?

  • Our office is often open late and walk-ins are welcome. However, appointments are appreciated.
  • Our office is conveniently located at the intersection of Colonial Blvd & Fowler Street in Fort Myers with plenty of parking. Please call ahead on a recommendation for 18 wheelers.

Why do I need a valid DOT medical card?

  • Florida law requires all CDL drivers to have a valid DOT medical card, unless the type of commerce you drive qualifies as ‘Excepted’. Drivers certifying in non-excepted interstate or intrastate commerce (Category A or C) must ensure their medical documentation is on file with the state issuing agency and that it remains current.

How often do I have to get a DOT exam?

  • DOT medical cards are typically issued for 2 years. However, you may be certified for less than 2 years if the medical examiner determines that more frequent monitoring of your health is required. Reasons for more frequent monitoring will be discussed during your exam.

What documents do I need to bring to the exam?

  • Picture Identification.
  • List of any medications.
  • Prescription glasses or contacts if needed.

What should I do on the day of the exam?

  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Absolutely NO CAFFEINE! Avoid foods and beverages with caffeine, sodium or carbohydrates/sugar at least 8 hrs prior.
  • Take any medications as you normally would.
  • Drink plenty of water as you normally should.

Vision testing

  • Bring glasses/contacts to examination.
  • Color Vision should be pre-tested to assure success.
  • Distant Vision should be pre-tested to assure success.

Blood pressure testing

  • Blood Pressure should be pre-tested by your private physician to assure success.
    Values below 140/90 are required for a 2 year certification.
  • Readings above 159/99 only qualify for a 3 month temporary certification so that the proper care can be received to bring it down to normal levels.
  • Most blood pressure medications are approved.

Hearing testing

  • Can you hear a soft voice at 5 feet? If not, get a hearing evaluation from a private physician to establish the loss and the need for a hearing amplification.
  • Most drivers with minor hearing loss are permitted to use a hearing aid as “amplification”.

Doctor visits since your last DOT medical examination

  • If you have been to the doctor for anything other than routine check-ups or general counseling, you should bring documentation to the DOT examination. In many cases additional information from your specialist is required.

Alcohol & Substance Issues

  • Alcohol and Substance Issues require extensive paperwork. Call us prior to your exam if you have questions.

Surgeries, procedures, new conditions or medications

  • If your medications or medical condition has changed since your last exam, you should bring documentation to your DOT examination.

Conditions which require Special Issuance / Waiver

  • If you have a condition which has or will require Special Issuance, you should obtain DOT documentation of pre-approval through FMCSA.

Vitamins, herbal preparations and food supplements

  • Some herbal preparations can jeopardize your DOT medical examination.

Not sure about lab work or other examination requirements?

  • All parameters evaluated during an DOT examination can be pre-tested privately to assure compliance.

How long does it take to get the results?

  • We can provide the results for your DOT exam on the same day and you can walk out with your certification immediately afterward. More complicated health issues may require additional time.

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